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Credit Card
1. No Collateral Requirements
2. Zero Annual Fees
3. No Interest at all
4. No Foreign Transaction Fees
5. Unlimited Transactions
6. Great Reward Points of 2x - 8x
Business Account
Your credit card linked to your business account, now you can manage your business profit and expenses all in one place.
A bank-like account, but with many perks.
Mobile Banking App
With no physical branch, we make things easier for you through our mobile banking app. Now all your business money management is at your fingertips.

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Why do we focus on SMEs, and what is in it for you as as a small business owner . . .

If you are a small business owner, then you are the backbone of your country’s economy! BlockPaisa, a financial services startup (affiliated with University of Toronto) is specifically designed for you as a small business owner to have access to credit with no interest and no fees, at all!  

Why we do this, it is because we believe that small businesses are really the present and future of a country’s economy and we want to be the first ally in helping you grow your businesses and create more livelihood opportunities for yourselves and others in your communities! Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) worldwide represent 90% of businesses, create 60-70% of employment and contribute about 55% to GDP globally. Yet, the second biggest challenge for small businesses is access to credit, hence only a small number of them resort to a bank loan due to their low credit score, high collateral requirement or high interest rates.  

What we offer is very simple yet highly needed, we provide three main services:

1.      A Credit Card: which comes with zero interest, zero fees, unlimited transactions and many other perks (see         below), and is meant to give credit access to your small business so you can grow your business faster

2.     A Business Account: that you can connect your credit card to it, eliminating the need to have a separate         bank account at an other bank.

3.     A Mobile Banking App: where you can use it as your digital bank at your fingertips connecting your         business account and credit card to it.  

We are also considering providing taxation and accounting services at much lower prices (even so that you would consider switching from your friend who does the taxes for your business on weekends!)

If you are an individual . . .

If you are not a small business owner but an individual, don't worry we have you covered as well! You can still use all the above services completely FREE of charge, but for small business owners they can apply for credit (small loan) to scale up your businesses which doesn't apply to you as an individual. You can still deposit your own cash into it enjoy state of the art digital banking experience at your finger tips completely free of charge while earning many reward points and cash back.

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Meet Our Team

Diva Turial

MBA | Business Development & Analytics | Fintech | Blockchain

Julio Zavala

MBA | Software Development | Computer Systems Engineering

Alexey Smivin

MBA | Quantitive Finance | Investment Banking | Data Analytics | Data Sciences

About BlockPaisa

BlockPaisa is specifically designed to meet the financial needs of small businesses with three main services to offer. First, we offer credit on very easy terms through our BlockPaisa credit card which unlike other corporate cards, comes with no collateral requirements, no annual fees, zero interest, unlimited transactions and many other perks. Second, we offer a digital business account on our web application where small businesses can link their BlockPaisa credit card and manage their finances without the need to open a separate business account at an other bank. Third, to provide a total hassle free and digital banking experience at the finger tips of small business owners, we offer a user friendly mobile banking app, the BlockPaisa App, with which they can manage all their business finances right in their phone.

The idea sparked from the frustration when the founding team saw that small businesses being the backbone of an economy who represent 90% of all businesses globally and generate more than 55% of global GDP, still have the biggest challenge of accessing credit to grow their businesses while at the same time trying to keep up with the rapid change in financial industry towards becoming more and more digital. BlockPaisa provides a seamless and integrated digital banking experience to small businesses, with a credit card, a business account and a mobile banking app all three in one place!

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